Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschool Pretenders - The Hairdresser

Oh how I love listening to and watching my boys pretend!

They role-play, make up scenarios, and seriously create their own little world. Each and every day is a new adventure!

Yesterday, while I was sitting at the dining room table helping my daughter with her homework, I hear the boys pretending to cook dinner in the kitchen. How sweet! They pretended to boil water, make macaroni & cheese, and get it ready for everyone in the family.

The next thing I hear is, "Okay, little buddy, sit still," from my almost 4-year-old son.

I'm listening, as my daughter continues with her writing.

Connor goes on to say, "Don't move. This is tricky."

Avery, my two-and-a-half year old, says, "Okay, Auntie Jen. Do I get a sucker when I'm done?"


Auntie Jen is my sister, who is also a cosmetologist who CUTS OUR HAIR!!

Connor loves to cut paper and string with scissors. He was trying to cut Avery's hair!

I ran into the room just as Connor told Avery he was all done and could pick out a sucker.

There are a couple of spots on Avery's head where Connor actually managed to cut some of the hair. It doesn't look as bad as it could, so I guess I am not going to worry too much about it.

But, boy oh boy, did we have a talk about the appropriate uses for scissors, and that Auntie Jen had to go to school to learn how to be a hairdresser!

I wonder what adventure we'll pretend through next!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rites of Passage...from Dora to Justin Beiber!

All of a sudden, one day, my daughter informed me she HATES Dora!!

For more than 6 years, we have had many, many fun memories with Dora.
My sweet little girl used to respond to Dora on television, in both Spanish and English. She used to role-play that she WAS Dora, and pretend that all of her toys were Dora's toys!

We read Dora books, had Dora dresses, and played with Dora toys.

All of a sudden Dora is just NOT cool anymore.
We had to purge all of her Dora toys, blankets, and everything from the house.

A book order form came home from school, and she proceeded to inform me that the Dora books were definitely NOT something she wanted to read!

Then she spots a "Justin Beiber" book - and got a huge smile on her face, saying, "Look, Mom, it's Justin Beiber!"


Where on earth did she learn about Justin Beiber? Who is he?

Oh, right, he's a tween singer. I must admit, I wouldn't know any of his music if it bit me. I surely wouldn't recognize Justin if he walked up to me in person, either.

How is it that my sweet six-year-old knows about Justin, and I don't?
So I ask her, "Do you even know any of his music?"

She starts singing one of his songs!!!
I've NEVER heard it, nor played it for her!


The outside influences that come with being in first grade are staggering!
She's bringing home a new taste in music, toys, and general interests.

I miss being one of the ONLY influences in her experiences.
However, I do appreciate that she is being exposed to new things at school, that I would not have the knowledge to share with her.

That's part of growing up.

She has to learn how to evaluate the value of new experiences and interests in her own mind. Her friends will and do introduce new things, some good, some not-so-great.

I am very thankful that I am still the MOST IMPORTANT influence on her interests!
As mom, I make it a point to talk to her about what happens at school, and these new influences that come into her life while she's in this crazy, diverse place called school!

I just pray that she will listen to her own heart, and that God will guide her, toward what is good and honoring to Him! She will have peer pressure to deal with. That's not going to change.

My job, as her mommy, is to make sure she's strong enough to stand up for what she believes in and to learn from every new experience.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blue Goo in My Baby's Eyes???

Oh my!

I was folding laundry and watching a movie down in my family room, when I heard a SCREAM from the bathroom, where I had heard my two and a half year old son using the toilet. Mind you, he had been in bed for hours, and was supposed to be sleeping - but who can deny him the time to follow nature's call?

I RUN up the stairs as fast I can, to find him in the hallway with BLUE GOO in his eyes, running down from his forehead! He's crying, "Mommy, Mommy! It HURTS!! It Hurts!!"

What on earth is that blue stuff?

Has my baby turned into an alien? A shape-shifter? Has his blood really started running blue?

I realize, within seconds, as I am sweeping him up in my arms and carrying him to the bathtub, that I left the new blue Buzz Lightyear Shampoo on the bathroom counter after his bath tonight. Ugggghhhhh!!!

He decided that instead of washing his hands with soap, he would wash them, and his hair again, with his new beloved shampoo!!

I strip him out of his footie pajamas and Thomas the Train underwear, and place him in the tub. He is crying, and trying not to rub his hands in his eyes.

As I spray him off, he stops crying, and starts giggling!

He finally says, "Mommy, I feel all better now. I like Buzz Lightyear Shampoo - and I put it on my forehead." ;)

The hug he gave me, and the smile on his face as I put him in new, clean footie jammies without blue goo on them, make up for the agony of what I thought could have been wrong with him the first time he screamed.

It's a good thing God made him so dog-gone cute! Otherwise, he would be in big trouble!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What to do with Little Boy's Poop? Make Fertilizer!!

Wow...Potty training little boys is HARD WORK!

My Connor (who is almost 4) took over a year to fully potty train. It was a long, frustrating year, but I learned to be more patient with him and to respect his personality, which is much like his father's.

Avery, however, just decided one day to wear underwear, and keep them clean and dry. He's only 2-1/2 and rarely has accidents where he wets himself. However, he has yet to master pooping in the toilet.

Today, I had to deal with BOTH boys and their poop!

Connor has an upset stomach and diarrhea. He had a small accident at MOPS when he couldn't make it to the bathroom quickly enough to use the toilet. I had to go help him get cleaned up...and he was worried I would be mad at him! Poor baby! I used the time in the bathroom with him to talk about how proud of him I am, and that he is a good boy. He cried because the only thing I had to change him into was Avery's rubber pants and sweatpants that were way too small for him. However, he was relieved when I did not make him go back to class, because he was embarrassed that his teachers knew this happened. Lesson learned, and I am very proud of my sensitive boy.

Avery waited until we got home to have his accident and leave his poop on the FLOOR in the hallway about 5 minutes after he used the toilet. Why, oh why, can't he let it out on the toilet?
I sat in the bathroom with him 5 minutes before his accident. I had told him how proud of him I was, and that he was such a big boy. He did not put his underwear back on. No big deal...until the poop goes on the floor! YUCK! So, he had to help me clean up the floor, and his little tush.

I wish I knew the magic trick of how to get Avery to go #2 in the toilet. It took Connor forever to learn how.

What I do know, is that my attitude toward the #2 is the key to making this successful, and not driving me crazy. I am taking the poop, wherever it may come, and making it into fertilizer, and thanking God for the opportunity to spend the time with my boys...talking, appreciating, and loving them, every step of the way!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Done with Diapers!!!

The Miles Mob is DONE WITH DIAPERS!!!

Avery has potty trained himself and is now wearing big-boy underwear full time!

One problem for mommy - he refuses to go #2 in the toilet!

I would much rather wash out a pair of underwear each day than have to change diapers!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!
He was so easy to train!

Here comes the joke in this whole thing...
today when he lay down for his nap, Avery says,
"Mommy, I'm playing with my penis!"
As I look down, he has figured out that there is a hole in the underpants where he can fish his little male part out and see it!

We had to have the discussion that penises are body parts, not toys!

Two-year-olds are so much fun!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Adrenaline makes a Super Mom

Our kids are growing so quickly!
They eat, exercise, learn and grow every day!

Ryanna is dancing her little heart out every week in her dance class, while she is sprouting a little more height. She is growing her hair out to donate to kids who don't have hair for various reasons. I am so proud of her giving spirit!

Connor eats all the time! He is very tall for his age, and seems to be a conscientious child. He loves gymnastics and to make new friends. He also likes to plan parties and pretend play. He is learning to write his name. How exciting.

Avery is potty-training. He has worn underwear, and decided to keep them clean and dry! What an accomplishment! He's so big!

We had an exciting and scary moment at Bible Study this week.
Connor and Avery had finished eating their lunch, and were playing with some other children, when a stack of heavy round tables fell on top of Connor!!
I ran around to find Connor pinned under a stack of 5 round banquet tables.
The adrenaline in my body allowed me to pull the tables off him, and pick him up before I could even think about it.

I could not believe how easily those tables moved...they were so heavy! I have had to move them one-by-one by myself before, and was amazed at how heavy just one table is!

I am very thankful that my children are healthy, and happy, and that the Lord made adrenaline so this loving mom could turn into Super Mom, even if just for a moment!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bringing Home Baby - 10 Tips for New Moms

Joy, elation, and awe are coupled with uncertainty, new fears, and wonder when a mother brings home her new baby.

Moms may ask themselves questions like:

"Will I be able to do everything "correctly"?"
"Will my baby love me?"
"Will I be able to provide everything this little bundle needs, when he or she needs it?"
"How will I know what my baby needs?"

I have brought home three new babies. Each time the thoughts have been the same, since each new baby has its own personality and manner of communication.

The most important thing I learned each time was babies don't need much! They need loving parents who have their child's best interest at heart. You are the BEST parent for your child, God designed you and your baby especially for each other.

Here are My 10 Best Tips for New Moms:

1. Keep it Simple Your baby will not know whether or not you have the latest and greatest in baby nursery furniture, layette, or even diapers. There is no need to go overboard. Baby simply needs the basics of love, food, clothing and shelter. One good set of bottles, a couple of pacifiers, and maybe a dozen outfits in the newborn size are all your baby really needs at first.

2. Stay within your Budget Purchase the best for your baby, within your own family budget. Retailers make it very tempting to purchase all of the adorable baby accessories, and the "highest quality" gear available. Again, baby will not know whether he or she is riding in a $1000 stroller or a $100 stroller. If you can afford an expensive stroller, that is fabulous! Keep in mind, however, that highest price does not necessarily constitute highest quality!

3. Shop Consignment Stores and Sales Your adorable baby will only use the beautiful bassinet you chose for up to nine months. You can purchase used items at a fraction of the original retail cost! Most consignment stores and sales have quality standards that items must be safe and clean. Save yourself some time and money by asking the owners about the items they recommend most.

4. Ask for HELP!! Changing diapers and clothes can be a challenge. Especially when you are sleep-deprived and your baby has not settled into a routine yet. Don't be afraid to call anyone who have offered, "Call if you need anything!" Seriously, a SHOWER is one of those reasons that is worth calling in the support! Your baby will benefit from a snuggle with someone who will cherish the moment almost as much as you will cherish your shower (or nap!)

5. Pamper your Cleaning with Baby Wipes Keep your house clean with baby wipes, which you will have all around the house if you are anything like me! I keep baby wipes not only in my baby's room and diaper bag, but also in my dining room, bathroom, kitchen, family room, and computer room! A quick swipe with a baby wipe can cure the small spills or dust that happen when a new mom is away from her normal cleaning routine.

6. Look at Your Baby Take a moment out of every day, even if it is in the middle of one of your middle-of-the-night feedings, to just look at your baby. Babies change so quickly as they grow. Take in his or her features, and marvel at how wonderfully made your little miracle is!

7. You are the Expert So many people will give you advice while you are expecting, and again after your new blessing comes into the world. Listen politely, and you may even learn a few things. But, remember, you are the expert about your child and your family! You should know that you may not want to apply every piece of advice you receive...and that is OKAY!

8. Sensitive Skin Many babies are born with sensitive skin, especially on their scalps. Do not be alarmed if your baby develops a rash or redness on the skin. Certainly call ask your doctor, but chances are your baby's skin is reacting to some chemical in his or her environment. Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, bath soaps, aftershaves, and perfumes are common irritants. Be careful with them, and remember there is a learning curve for each baby! What bothers one child, may please the next!

9. You Cannot Spoil a Baby This is a very common statement, that I heard many times when my babies were small. I loved to snuggle each one of them, and keep them close. I also liked that they could put themselves to sleep in their crib on their own. So, we developed a routine that worked for us. Snuggle, read a book, and sing a song. Then, baby was close to sleep, and would go down easily! You have to do what works for you. It takes a few weeks of consistency to develop a routine and make it into a habit. Keep up the good work.

10. Sleep is your friend Don't worry that the dishes are not done, the laundry is piling up, and you wish you could actually take the time to do your hair and put on some makeup. You will feel and look better if you sleep when the baby is sleeping, especially those first few weeks! You will be able to customize your sleep schedule as your baby grows and gets into a don't worry about.

In conclusion, my best advice to new moms is:
Do not sweat the small stuff!

Your baby is a gift from God. Enjoy every waking moment, even when it comes in the middle of the night. Those days don't last long, and you will be wishing for the moments back. Create the memories every day, and cherish them!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The changes that 1st Grade brings....

With the beginning of First Grade, I have found my schedule changing. It's not bad, it's not good - it's just different.

No more sleeping in until the kids wake themselves up.
I wake up before they do now.

No more hanging around the house until after lunch, and then taking naps.
We are all up and out of the house before 8:00 a.m. every day.

Ryanna gets on the bus bright and early (7:50 a.m.) and the boys walk to the bus stop with me. Then they are ready to get their fun day started!

Each and every morning is full of hustle and bustle:
Before Ryanna leaves on her bus, I have to make sure she is dressed, fed, hair & teeth brushed. I have to make sure she has a lunch and snack to eat at school, and that her daddy has the same for work. My boys also want breakfast somewhere in there...and they need me to help them get dressed as well.

We walk out and take the stroller or wagon down the road and bid farewell to our big first grader as she boards the big yellow bus.

The boys and I have played outside, and taken many walks. Now the weather is beginning to change it's tune toward autumn. As that happens, we have many new activities starting up.

MOPS starts on Tuesday, then Bible Study starts on Thursday.

In a couple of weeks Library Story Time begins for the boys.

We are going to be so very busy.

Oh how I now understand the longing for summer vacation to begin..and the term "lazy summer days" takes on a whole new meaning.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sowing the Seeds of Love

On the way home from dinner, Connor (age 3) had a cup full of M&M's as his "Messert".

From the back seat of the mini van Connor started by saying, "Mom, M&M's don't have seeds!"

Wondering where he was going with this line of thought, I agreed with him, that M&M's indeed, have no seeds.

Connor continued, "Mom, we should go to the store, and buy M&M seeds, so we can plant them in our back yard. When they grow, we can make our own baskets, to go pick them up, and eat them. And then, we can buy Doodle Berry seeds, plant those, and grow a Doodle Berry Tree."

Wow! The creativity of a 3-year-old brain! All this came from planting a raspberry bush on the side of our house this spring, and watching "Wow Wow Wubbzy" on television. This particular episode of a television show has sure inspired him to love "Doodle Berries" - as he dubs the Captain Crunch "Ooops All Berries" version! He wants to plant them, like Wubbzy did in the show. I wish it worked that way!

I need to sow more ideas in his cute little head for creative things he can actually grow. We will be planting some little strawberry plants tomorrow. I love this kid, and need to show him more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is upon us...summer is disappearing...

I don't know to where the summer has disappeared, but I miss it already!

We have had so many fun family memories this summer, that I know I have not had time to blog about them.

We traveled to Michigan's Adventure amusement park, using the season passes from Grandpa and Grandma Campbell. The kids love the water park, and even the roller coasters!! Ryanna and Connor truly loved all of the kid-sized roller coasters, while Avery is still too short to ride them. He enjoyed the smaller toddler-size rides.

We also had many picnics, and visited the shore of Lake Michigan quite a few times for picnics and swimming. Connor surprised us by adventuring into the water up to his neck during our last visit.

I am going to miss the nice warm weather, and the free time we have spent taking little road trips, and spending family time together.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teeth and Tumbling

We are so busy in the Miles Mob household!
Avery turned two this past weekend, and is busier than ever. He enjoys reading books, and running around. Avery carries his blanket around with him everywhere, and won't sleep without it!

Connor is taking gymnastics classes, and calls it going to school. He loves it, and is very good at all aspects of tumbling and climbing. He especially loves bouncing on the trampolines and balancing on the balance beam.

Ryanna is determined to lose a tooth before the end of her Kindergarten year. She keeps wiggling one of her teeth - and it is actually moving a little. Ryanna still enjoys her dance class, and keeps busy practicing her recital dances. She will be ballet dancing to "Air", and tap dancing to "La Bamba". We are looking into a couple of different summer camps for her, including the YMCA day camp, and the Theatre Arts Day Camp at GRCT.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Sicknesses and Blessings! :)

The beginning of Spring is already upon us, and the Miles Mob has begun this beautiful season stuck indoors, with fevers, coughs, and runny noses!

Thankfully, the fever has passed, and we are left with a few sniffles, as the weather warms up and the bulbs begin to push their greenery and blooms above the surface of the ground!

Mike has been very busy with work, making conference calls to China from home each week, and possibly planning a trip to China in May. He continues to play Dungeons & Dragons every week too.

Kristen keeps getting phone calls from the U.S. Census Bureau, offering her a full time job for 6-14 weeks. She would love to take the bilingual office clerk position, but the cost of day care for all three children far outweighs the $10.25/hour wage. We are so blessed that we do not need the money to keep our family budget in tact.

Ryanna still loves kindergarten, and is reading books constantly. She loves to write letters to her mom and dad, telling her what she thinks, and how she is feeling. It's enjoyable to see her thoughts pour through as words on a page. Ryanna used to be the shortest of her age group, both at school and dance, but she has grown 3 inches taller in the past year!!! She continues to enjoy her dance lessons, and loves to swim. As of now, she plans to learn to play the guitar and sing for a living. She has requested a guitar, lessons, and to make a cd that people can buy in the stores!

Connor is a sweet young 3-year-old, who wants to be a basketball player, and a painter. For some reason, he only wants to paint portraits of pigs, but we'll see how he progresses. He is taller than almost all 3-year-olds, measuring in the 125% percentile for height. He really enjoys building with blocks, singing, telling stories. He is finally getting the hang of using the toilet like a big boy. We are so proud of him!

Avery will be turning 2-years-old in about a month. He is the personification of a stereotypical two-year-old in many ways. His favorite word is "No" - and everything is "Mine"! For some reason, and we're not sure why, he has taken to screaming to try to get what he wants. It is frustrating for all around, especially mom & dad, since we don't know if something is truly wrong, or if he is screaming for the attention, and trying to manipulate his world in the only way he knows how.

Life here in the Miles house is always an adventure...and we are looking forward to bringing that adventure outdoors, as God's beauty blooms all around this Spring!