Friday, November 5, 2010

Adrenaline makes a Super Mom

Our kids are growing so quickly!
They eat, exercise, learn and grow every day!

Ryanna is dancing her little heart out every week in her dance class, while she is sprouting a little more height. She is growing her hair out to donate to kids who don't have hair for various reasons. I am so proud of her giving spirit!

Connor eats all the time! He is very tall for his age, and seems to be a conscientious child. He loves gymnastics and to make new friends. He also likes to plan parties and pretend play. He is learning to write his name. How exciting.

Avery is potty-training. He has worn underwear, and decided to keep them clean and dry! What an accomplishment! He's so big!

We had an exciting and scary moment at Bible Study this week.
Connor and Avery had finished eating their lunch, and were playing with some other children, when a stack of heavy round tables fell on top of Connor!!
I ran around to find Connor pinned under a stack of 5 round banquet tables.
The adrenaline in my body allowed me to pull the tables off him, and pick him up before I could even think about it.

I could not believe how easily those tables moved...they were so heavy! I have had to move them one-by-one by myself before, and was amazed at how heavy just one table is!

I am very thankful that my children are healthy, and happy, and that the Lord made adrenaline so this loving mom could turn into Super Mom, even if just for a moment!

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