Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What to do with Little Boy's Poop? Make Fertilizer!!

Wow...Potty training little boys is HARD WORK!

My Connor (who is almost 4) took over a year to fully potty train. It was a long, frustrating year, but I learned to be more patient with him and to respect his personality, which is much like his father's.

Avery, however, just decided one day to wear underwear, and keep them clean and dry. He's only 2-1/2 and rarely has accidents where he wets himself. However, he has yet to master pooping in the toilet.

Today, I had to deal with BOTH boys and their poop!

Connor has an upset stomach and diarrhea. He had a small accident at MOPS when he couldn't make it to the bathroom quickly enough to use the toilet. I had to go help him get cleaned up...and he was worried I would be mad at him! Poor baby! I used the time in the bathroom with him to talk about how proud of him I am, and that he is a good boy. He cried because the only thing I had to change him into was Avery's rubber pants and sweatpants that were way too small for him. However, he was relieved when I did not make him go back to class, because he was embarrassed that his teachers knew this happened. Lesson learned, and I am very proud of my sensitive boy.

Avery waited until we got home to have his accident and leave his poop on the FLOOR in the hallway about 5 minutes after he used the toilet. Why, oh why, can't he let it out on the toilet?
I sat in the bathroom with him 5 minutes before his accident. I had told him how proud of him I was, and that he was such a big boy. He did not put his underwear back on. No big deal...until the poop goes on the floor! YUCK! So, he had to help me clean up the floor, and his little tush.

I wish I knew the magic trick of how to get Avery to go #2 in the toilet. It took Connor forever to learn how.

What I do know, is that my attitude toward the #2 is the key to making this successful, and not driving me crazy. I am taking the poop, wherever it may come, and making it into fertilizer, and thanking God for the opportunity to spend the time with my boys...talking, appreciating, and loving them, every step of the way!

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