Friday, December 3, 2010

Blue Goo in My Baby's Eyes???

Oh my!

I was folding laundry and watching a movie down in my family room, when I heard a SCREAM from the bathroom, where I had heard my two and a half year old son using the toilet. Mind you, he had been in bed for hours, and was supposed to be sleeping - but who can deny him the time to follow nature's call?

I RUN up the stairs as fast I can, to find him in the hallway with BLUE GOO in his eyes, running down from his forehead! He's crying, "Mommy, Mommy! It HURTS!! It Hurts!!"

What on earth is that blue stuff?

Has my baby turned into an alien? A shape-shifter? Has his blood really started running blue?

I realize, within seconds, as I am sweeping him up in my arms and carrying him to the bathtub, that I left the new blue Buzz Lightyear Shampoo on the bathroom counter after his bath tonight. Ugggghhhhh!!!

He decided that instead of washing his hands with soap, he would wash them, and his hair again, with his new beloved shampoo!!

I strip him out of his footie pajamas and Thomas the Train underwear, and place him in the tub. He is crying, and trying not to rub his hands in his eyes.

As I spray him off, he stops crying, and starts giggling!

He finally says, "Mommy, I feel all better now. I like Buzz Lightyear Shampoo - and I put it on my forehead." ;)

The hug he gave me, and the smile on his face as I put him in new, clean footie jammies without blue goo on them, make up for the agony of what I thought could have been wrong with him the first time he screamed.

It's a good thing God made him so dog-gone cute! Otherwise, he would be in big trouble!

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