Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bringing Home Baby - 10 Tips for New Moms

Joy, elation, and awe are coupled with uncertainty, new fears, and wonder when a mother brings home her new baby.

Moms may ask themselves questions like:

"Will I be able to do everything "correctly"?"
"Will my baby love me?"
"Will I be able to provide everything this little bundle needs, when he or she needs it?"
"How will I know what my baby needs?"

I have brought home three new babies. Each time the thoughts have been the same, since each new baby has its own personality and manner of communication.

The most important thing I learned each time was babies don't need much! They need loving parents who have their child's best interest at heart. You are the BEST parent for your child, God designed you and your baby especially for each other.

Here are My 10 Best Tips for New Moms:

1. Keep it Simple Your baby will not know whether or not you have the latest and greatest in baby nursery furniture, layette, or even diapers. There is no need to go overboard. Baby simply needs the basics of love, food, clothing and shelter. One good set of bottles, a couple of pacifiers, and maybe a dozen outfits in the newborn size are all your baby really needs at first.

2. Stay within your Budget Purchase the best for your baby, within your own family budget. Retailers make it very tempting to purchase all of the adorable baby accessories, and the "highest quality" gear available. Again, baby will not know whether he or she is riding in a $1000 stroller or a $100 stroller. If you can afford an expensive stroller, that is fabulous! Keep in mind, however, that highest price does not necessarily constitute highest quality!

3. Shop Consignment Stores and Sales Your adorable baby will only use the beautiful bassinet you chose for up to nine months. You can purchase used items at a fraction of the original retail cost! Most consignment stores and sales have quality standards that items must be safe and clean. Save yourself some time and money by asking the owners about the items they recommend most.

4. Ask for HELP!! Changing diapers and clothes can be a challenge. Especially when you are sleep-deprived and your baby has not settled into a routine yet. Don't be afraid to call anyone who have offered, "Call if you need anything!" Seriously, a SHOWER is one of those reasons that is worth calling in the support! Your baby will benefit from a snuggle with someone who will cherish the moment almost as much as you will cherish your shower (or nap!)

5. Pamper your Cleaning with Baby Wipes Keep your house clean with baby wipes, which you will have all around the house if you are anything like me! I keep baby wipes not only in my baby's room and diaper bag, but also in my dining room, bathroom, kitchen, family room, and computer room! A quick swipe with a baby wipe can cure the small spills or dust that happen when a new mom is away from her normal cleaning routine.

6. Look at Your Baby Take a moment out of every day, even if it is in the middle of one of your middle-of-the-night feedings, to just look at your baby. Babies change so quickly as they grow. Take in his or her features, and marvel at how wonderfully made your little miracle is!

7. You are the Expert So many people will give you advice while you are expecting, and again after your new blessing comes into the world. Listen politely, and you may even learn a few things. But, remember, you are the expert about your child and your family! You should know that you may not want to apply every piece of advice you receive...and that is OKAY!

8. Sensitive Skin Many babies are born with sensitive skin, especially on their scalps. Do not be alarmed if your baby develops a rash or redness on the skin. Certainly call ask your doctor, but chances are your baby's skin is reacting to some chemical in his or her environment. Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, bath soaps, aftershaves, and perfumes are common irritants. Be careful with them, and remember there is a learning curve for each baby! What bothers one child, may please the next!

9. You Cannot Spoil a Baby This is a very common statement, that I heard many times when my babies were small. I loved to snuggle each one of them, and keep them close. I also liked that they could put themselves to sleep in their crib on their own. So, we developed a routine that worked for us. Snuggle, read a book, and sing a song. Then, baby was close to sleep, and would go down easily! You have to do what works for you. It takes a few weeks of consistency to develop a routine and make it into a habit. Keep up the good work.

10. Sleep is your friend Don't worry that the dishes are not done, the laundry is piling up, and you wish you could actually take the time to do your hair and put on some makeup. You will feel and look better if you sleep when the baby is sleeping, especially those first few weeks! You will be able to customize your sleep schedule as your baby grows and gets into a routine...so don't worry about.

In conclusion, my best advice to new moms is:
Do not sweat the small stuff!

Your baby is a gift from God. Enjoy every waking moment, even when it comes in the middle of the night. Those days don't last long, and you will be wishing for the moments back. Create the memories every day, and cherish them!

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