Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rites of Passage...from Dora to Justin Beiber!

All of a sudden, one day, my daughter informed me she HATES Dora!!

For more than 6 years, we have had many, many fun memories with Dora.
My sweet little girl used to respond to Dora on television, in both Spanish and English. She used to role-play that she WAS Dora, and pretend that all of her toys were Dora's toys!

We read Dora books, had Dora dresses, and played with Dora toys.

All of a sudden Dora is just NOT cool anymore.
We had to purge all of her Dora toys, blankets, and everything from the house.

A book order form came home from school, and she proceeded to inform me that the Dora books were definitely NOT something she wanted to read!

Then she spots a "Justin Beiber" book - and got a huge smile on her face, saying, "Look, Mom, it's Justin Beiber!"


Where on earth did she learn about Justin Beiber? Who is he?

Oh, right, he's a tween singer. I must admit, I wouldn't know any of his music if it bit me. I surely wouldn't recognize Justin if he walked up to me in person, either.

How is it that my sweet six-year-old knows about Justin, and I don't?
So I ask her, "Do you even know any of his music?"

She starts singing one of his songs!!!
I've NEVER heard it, nor played it for her!


The outside influences that come with being in first grade are staggering!
She's bringing home a new taste in music, toys, and general interests.

I miss being one of the ONLY influences in her experiences.
However, I do appreciate that she is being exposed to new things at school, that I would not have the knowledge to share with her.

That's part of growing up.

She has to learn how to evaluate the value of new experiences and interests in her own mind. Her friends will and do introduce new things, some good, some not-so-great.

I am very thankful that I am still the MOST IMPORTANT influence on her interests!
As mom, I make it a point to talk to her about what happens at school, and these new influences that come into her life while she's in this crazy, diverse place called school!

I just pray that she will listen to her own heart, and that God will guide her, toward what is good and honoring to Him! She will have peer pressure to deal with. That's not going to change.

My job, as her mommy, is to make sure she's strong enough to stand up for what she believes in and to learn from every new experience.

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