Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Sicknesses and Blessings! :)

The beginning of Spring is already upon us, and the Miles Mob has begun this beautiful season stuck indoors, with fevers, coughs, and runny noses!

Thankfully, the fever has passed, and we are left with a few sniffles, as the weather warms up and the bulbs begin to push their greenery and blooms above the surface of the ground!

Mike has been very busy with work, making conference calls to China from home each week, and possibly planning a trip to China in May. He continues to play Dungeons & Dragons every week too.

Kristen keeps getting phone calls from the U.S. Census Bureau, offering her a full time job for 6-14 weeks. She would love to take the bilingual office clerk position, but the cost of day care for all three children far outweighs the $10.25/hour wage. We are so blessed that we do not need the money to keep our family budget in tact.

Ryanna still loves kindergarten, and is reading books constantly. She loves to write letters to her mom and dad, telling her what she thinks, and how she is feeling. It's enjoyable to see her thoughts pour through as words on a page. Ryanna used to be the shortest of her age group, both at school and dance, but she has grown 3 inches taller in the past year!!! She continues to enjoy her dance lessons, and loves to swim. As of now, she plans to learn to play the guitar and sing for a living. She has requested a guitar, lessons, and to make a cd that people can buy in the stores!

Connor is a sweet young 3-year-old, who wants to be a basketball player, and a painter. For some reason, he only wants to paint portraits of pigs, but we'll see how he progresses. He is taller than almost all 3-year-olds, measuring in the 125% percentile for height. He really enjoys building with blocks, singing, telling stories. He is finally getting the hang of using the toilet like a big boy. We are so proud of him!

Avery will be turning 2-years-old in about a month. He is the personification of a stereotypical two-year-old in many ways. His favorite word is "No" - and everything is "Mine"! For some reason, and we're not sure why, he has taken to screaming to try to get what he wants. It is frustrating for all around, especially mom & dad, since we don't know if something is truly wrong, or if he is screaming for the attention, and trying to manipulate his world in the only way he knows how.

Life here in the Miles house is always an adventure...and we are looking forward to bringing that adventure outdoors, as God's beauty blooms all around this Spring!