Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is upon us...summer is disappearing...

I don't know to where the summer has disappeared, but I miss it already!

We have had so many fun family memories this summer, that I know I have not had time to blog about them.

We traveled to Michigan's Adventure amusement park, using the season passes from Grandpa and Grandma Campbell. The kids love the water park, and even the roller coasters!! Ryanna and Connor truly loved all of the kid-sized roller coasters, while Avery is still too short to ride them. He enjoyed the smaller toddler-size rides.

We also had many picnics, and visited the shore of Lake Michigan quite a few times for picnics and swimming. Connor surprised us by adventuring into the water up to his neck during our last visit.

I am going to miss the nice warm weather, and the free time we have spent taking little road trips, and spending family time together.

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