Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teeth and Tumbling

We are so busy in the Miles Mob household!
Avery turned two this past weekend, and is busier than ever. He enjoys reading books, and running around. Avery carries his blanket around with him everywhere, and won't sleep without it!

Connor is taking gymnastics classes, and calls it going to school. He loves it, and is very good at all aspects of tumbling and climbing. He especially loves bouncing on the trampolines and balancing on the balance beam.

Ryanna is determined to lose a tooth before the end of her Kindergarten year. She keeps wiggling one of her teeth - and it is actually moving a little. Ryanna still enjoys her dance class, and keeps busy practicing her recital dances. She will be ballet dancing to "Air", and tap dancing to "La Bamba". We are looking into a couple of different summer camps for her, including the YMCA day camp, and the Theatre Arts Day Camp at GRCT.